• Disclaimer: I received a stick of Bodyglide to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


Chafing. The bane of all athletes existences. Except for maybe a few who enjoy it, in a weird, creepy way. But we won’t speak of them. I chafe when I run. Particularly in the summer when I exist in singlets or without a shirt. The skin on skin rubbing on my arms and chest inevitably becomes chafed as the miles grow. I sort of assumed that it was just how it was. I’d heard of this “Bodyglide” business, but hadn’t really given it much thought.

I didn’t know anyone else who said it was a useful tool. They all just joked about the chafe. And I suffered silently. And occasionally bloodily. And blistery.

I was sent a stick of Bodyglide to test as part of my participation as a BibRave Pro, and don’t know why I never tried the stuff before, but am so glad I finally did! Admittedly, adding something new into my routine is always hard as I usually just want to rush out the door and get moving.

But once I started putting the stick right next to my shoes, I used the stuff. And instantly, literally just like that, no more chafe under my left arm. At All!


Yeah…that’s the spot!

Since that day, no more chafe! And I plan to keep it that way. Forever.

Another awesome thing about Bodyglide is this. For a while now, I’ve been dealing with hot spots and blisters on my feet from my shoes. Didn’t matter what shoes or socks, I got blisters. So I figured, what the hell, why not try this stuff down there too? And you know what? No more issues!

Sure it’s weird putting something that kind of looks like deodorant on your feet, but if it works then so what?  I’ll spare you a photo of my feet as they’re truly horrendous looking. But trust me, the stuff works wherever you put it. At least the places I’ve put it. Totally recommend it for every runner, biker, hiker, cyclist, dancer, yoga-ist, and professional napper. Amazing stuff.

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