Buff® Headwear is the greatest thing in the world

Disclaimer: I received a Buff® Full Headband to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

The title might give it away, but I am absolutely in love with Buff® products. I have about 8 (9?) Full headbands and 2 half UV Buff®. I wear them constantly. It is probably the most versatile piece of equipment in my exercise arsenal, as I use it for not only keeping my copious amounts of hair out of my face when running, but as a protective layer under my helmet for biking, around my wrist to wipe excess sweat off if I choose to wear a hat while running, around my neck to dump ice into during really hot runs, and as a covering if I happen to fall on the trail and bust my leg open on some gnarly rocks. I even used it the last couple nights as an eye covering to sleep with. My wife was watching a movie when I went to bed and instead of burying my face in a pillow, I thought I’d fold up a Full Buff® Headband and cover my eyes and ears with it. It worked great! At least for my eyes, I would not recommend Buff® Headbands as ear protection for noise reduction.

While this is all information you could garner from their website and superb sponsored athlete videos, I also think that it helps to hear how amazing Buff® products are from a regular consumer, who even prior to testing this new Full headband, had already purchased and used more than half a dozen of the things. I bought several a few years back when they had a big sale at REI and have used them almost exclusively since. Even in the cold North Dakota winter, I tend to use a Buff® underneath a trucker or other running hat and that works just great to keep my head warm enough while also letting heat out. This is perhaps the only downside I have concerning Buff® products, my head does tend to get very warm and when a Full or even half band is wrapped around my head, I stay very warm. Great in the winter, not as much when the temps creep close to triple digits. Go to http://www.BuffUSA.com to check out these amazing products!


BibRave Ninja

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